# 2 – Our Universes: a storytelling

On March 26th we met for our second session.   When a dancer is involved, everything begins with a warm-up 🙂 We started the day in a circle, rehearsing our budding choreography (watch video here >>)  inspired by Spiro Mound art like this …  

Running & Pulling HairThis image was taken by Maura Garcia in December 2015 during her participation in the research portion of the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian’s (NMAI) Artist Leadership Program. The original ancient cultural materials can be found at the NMAI Cultural Resources Center, 4220 Silver Hill Road, Suitland, MD 20746.  SITE INFORMATION: Catalog Card, Oklahoma: La Flore County: Temple Mound

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VIDEO – Dancing Ancient Art

What you are seeing here is a short dance made from the movements created by people at the first session of the Center of the Universe project. The inspiration? Movements and poses of the figures carved on 1000 -year-old artwork from Spiro Mounds, Oklahoma. The result? Dancing Ancient Art 🙂

# 1 – Introductions & Old Ones

On the morning of March 12th, about 25 of us gathered at the Kansas City Indian Center.  It was the first meeting of the Center of the Universe project.  We started with introductions:  ourselves, the project and the long, long history of urbanity in Indian country.  

Photo courtesy of the Universidad de Guadalajara

Photo Credit – La Universidad de Guadalajara

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The Art of Food: Keeping it Indigenous


The health and well-being of ourselves, communities & world is connected to our relationship with all things on this earth, including what we eat.  One of the wonderful things about our traditional, pre-European Indigenous eating ways is that respect for our non-human relatives, health, medicine, physical activity, ceremony and sustainability were all connected in the way we harvested, prepared and ate.  That is sometimes hard to do now, especially in a city.  BUT, that won’t stop us from trying!  It is a beautiful way to keep our connection between ancient and contemporary Native ways. Continue reading “The Art of Food: Keeping it Indigenous”