The Art of Food: Keeping it Indigenous


The health and well-being of ourselves, communities & world is connected to our relationship with all things on this earth, including what we eat.  One of the wonderful things about our traditional, pre-European Indigenous eating ways is that respect for our non-human relatives, health, medicine, physical activity, ceremony and sustainability were all connected in the way we harvested, prepared and ate.  That is sometimes hard to do now, especially in a city.  BUT, that won’t stop us from trying!  It is a beautiful way to keep our connection between ancient and contemporary Native ways.

For all of the meals after each project session, Chef Anna Maria Windham will be getting inspiration from some of the resources listed below.  Looking forward to culinary connections to the old foods of THIS old world 🙂

1.  Osage & Omaha recipes (tribes whose homeland Kansas City now sits on):

2. Caddo foods (descendants of the people who lived in Spiro Mounds):

3.  Indigenous recipes using only Indigenous foods:

4. Mostly Indigenous recipes & info about Native foods:

5.  Gourmet Indigenous:

6.  Indigenous corn dishes:

7.  Another Indigenous grain- amaranth:

8. Zapotec Foods:

9. Alaskan/Northern Canadian Indigenous foods (mostly)

10. Indigenous Amazonian recipes:

11. Andean Indigenous foods:

12. Kenuche ( Cherokee nut soup/broth)

13.  Indigenous food information and resources:

14. Indigenous foods lists:


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