#6 – They Always Walk With Us

On May 30th we looked at vessels & arrowheads from both the great ancient city of Cahokia and the ancient “suburb” cities directly below it.  Looking at these hand-made items, we are reminded that our ancestors are always walking with us…both in spirit and via the things they leave behind.

These images were taken by Maura Garcia in December 2015 during her participation in the research portion of the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian’s (NMAI) Artist Leadership Program. The original ancient cultural materials can be found at the NMAI Cultural Resources Center, 4220 Silver Hill Road, Suitland, MD 20746.  SITE INFORMATION: Catalog Card, Missouri: Cole County

Workshop:   Guided by Baron Hoy & Karen Lisondra, we played theater exercises, teaching us ways to work as a group; ways to process the whole project; ways to express all of our experiences and new knowledge.

With bodies and sounds we made machines and wars.  We acted out our creation stories with movement and spoken word.  We called on our ancestors to speak about ourselves.

Now guess which is which 🙂



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