#7 – Sharing it All

On Saturday June 11th we had a joyous, powerful and beautiful day of discussions, sharing, dancing and making art!  We had an excellent turn out. ‘Twas a good time for both those sharing and those witnessing.  My only regret is …

that this was the final session!

I am filled with gratitude towards the universe and for everyone involved in all aspects of making this project possible.  My hope is that we all continue with the learning, ideas, artwork and spirit that we have generated over the past few months.  So many revelations and connections have been made, I think I can safely say the old ones are proud of us.  Let’s keep on with it then 🙂

This was the order of the day:

OPEN HOUSE from  3-7pm

– participant’s artwork, project blog photographs and family migration map displayed in the Kansas City Indian Center Boardroom

– activity room with stations mimicking some of our project sessions (charcoal, painting and clay)


(Putting artwork from the ancient mounds into motion)


– orientation about ancient & Indigenous cities of the Americas by Jimmy Beason

– presentation about the Artist Leadership Program, research and whole project by moi

– presentation by Scott Lemmon  using google mapping to talk about our family migrations, current locations & explore sites of former Indigenous cities

– Q & A with feedback from the participants and discussion

More Photos here (by Scott Lemmon)…


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