Project Activities


Note – Activities are subject to possible change

AND Nothing is Mandatory, Have Fun, Be Safe, Be Nice


      • Sign-up & Information Sessions on 12/17/2015

Maura will explain what the project is, people will sign up to participate, facilitators and participants will complete paperwork, Maura hands out the project information and answers questions

      • Session 1: “Ancient AND Urban” on 3/12/2016

1. Intro – Maura Garcia
2. Osage homeland orientation – Jimmy Beason talks about the history of the ancient mound cities from an Osage viewpoint, touching on connections with Indigenous cities of present-day Mexico.
3. National Museum of the American Indian (NMAI) Share-Back – Maura talks about and shows video, drawings and other media from her research
BREAK                                                                                                                                   4. Dance Workshop – Maura teaches ways to turn mound-builder art & design into dance
FEED (provided)

* During the time between sessions, everyone learns their tribal creation story for the next session (in line with tribal protocol)

      • Session 2: “Our Universes” on 3/26/2016

1. Story-telling time – Everyone shares their tribal creation story (in line with their tribal protocol)
2. Creation Stories Workshop (youth & adult) – Luke Swimmer teaches how to use drawing as a tool to explore, tell and respond to our tribal creation stories
FEED – Maura shares video and photography from the Our Universes exhibit at the NMAI

* During the time between sessions, everyone thinks about and talks with friends and family about what urban Indian means

      • Session 3: “Urban Indianess” on 4/16/2016

1. What Does Urban Indian Mean? – Maura facilitates discussion about identity (talking and games)
2. Identity & Colors Workshop (youth & adult) – Rikki Kluber teaches a mixed-media class about color: what it means to us personally, how our clans and tribes use/used it traditionally and how we can use color to express our identity as contemporary Native peoples

* During the time between sessions, everyone gathers stories of how they/their families ended up in the KC area and any photos or videos they want added to our community map

      • Session 4: “Arriving at the Center” on 4/30/2016

1. Mapping Our Stories Workshop – Scott Lemmon collects migration stories and family photos, and creates a shared community migration map (using Google technology, live-time and projected on the wall for all to see the connections)
2. Beading Workshop (youth & adult) – Julia White Bull explores ways to express stories of we got to the KC area through beadwork. Now considered traditional by many tribes, glass beads were once a trade item and truly embody the idea of migration.

* During the time between sessions, everyone starts to make decisions about what they want to make/do for the final presentation map

      • Session 5: “Putting Together All Together I” on 5/14/2016

1. Theater Workshop – Baron Hoy & Karen Lisondra  take us through theater exercises teaching us ways to process, focus & express all of our experiences and new knowledge.
2. What Are We Going To Do? – Maura facilitates ideas to outline a cohesive presentation format, everyone begins making things and/or plans for what they will need

* During the time between sessions, everyone practices and/or works on their art work

      • Session 6: “Putting Together All Together II” on 5/28/2016

1. Making & Rehearsing
2. Making & Rehearsing

* During the time between sessions, everyone practices and/or finishes their art & invites people

      • Session 7: “Center of the Universe Community Show” on 6/11/2016

1. Open House 3pm – 7pm

2.  Presentation at 2pm   with Jimmy Beason, Maura Garcia & Scott Lemmon, we present our work and experiences to the community via a public showing of the art we have created. Following the show all participants and audience will have the chance to engage in a discussion about the process and work.