R U Ready?!?

Siyo nigadawu!

I hope you and yours are well.   You are getting this message because you signed up for the Center of the Universe project or you asked about it.

Center of the Universe is a community project exploring ancient urban Indigenous art, contemporary urban Indigenous identity and our tribal and family stories of beginnings and migrations.


When: 9am – 1pm , Saturday, March 12th, 2016

Where: Family Room, Kansas City Indian Center, 600 West 39th, KCMO

Who: adults and youth* (ages 11 -17) who are American Indian/First Nations/Indígena/ Indigenous/Inuit and/or Native American  

* If your children are between 4-11 years old, we will have limited childcare.  It is free, but we will only have space for up to 10 children.  Please contact me to RSVP and if you have any questions.  On later dates we also have some shorter drop-in workshops especially for younger children.

1.  Opening Circle & Intro  – Maura Garcia
2.  Presentation “Indigenous Civilizations” – Jimmy Beason
3.  Presentation  “Ancient Urban Artwork of the Midwest” – Maura Garcia
4. Break
5.  Workshop “Dancing the Old Ones: Bringing Ancient Art Alive Through Movement”  – Maura Garcia
6.  Closing Circle  – Maura Garcia
7. Catered Meal “Indigenous Foods of the Midwest”- Anna Maria Windham

What to bring:
1.  Clothes you can move in
2.  A good attitude and an appetite for learning & eating 🙂

 3/26 – Your nation’s/tribe’s traditional creation story. Please learn and prepare to tell out-loud and share with others. This is an “as appropriate” thing, so if your creation story cannot be told or shared, contact me and we will  figure something else out.

4/16 – About colors & their meanings (share only what you feel comfortable with)

  1. What is your favorite color? Why?
  2. Does your clan have a color? (only of you have a clan and it is appropriate to share)
  3. Does your nation/tribe(s) have specific colors for the cardinal directions?
    Coming of age?

4/30 – About your family (bring and share only what you feel comfortable with)

  1. Where were you born?
  2. Where do you live now?
  3. Where is the traditional homeland(s) of your nation/tribe(s)?
  4. Where was your mother born?
    Your father?
    Your mother’s mother ( maternal grandmother)?
    Your mother’s father ( maternal grandfather)?
    Your mother’s mother ( maternal grandmother)?
    Your mother’s father ( maternal grandfather)?
  5. We are making a big Google Map of our “how we got to KC” stories, so collect photos of any people or land attached to the places above (that you want to share publicly).  Scan and send to our Google Mapping Workshop Facilitator, Scott Lemmon :  397scott@gmail.com
  6.  If you need help scanning a few photos or have questions, contact me directly


Looking forward to seeing you soon,

Maura Garcia