Scott Lemmon



Scott Lemmon is a Google Earth Outreach Trainer. Google Earth Outreach gives nonprofits and public benefit organizations and indigenous communities the knowledge and resources they need to visualize their cause and tell their story in Google Earth & Maps to hundreds of millions of people. He recently received training at Google headquarters in Mountain View, California. At Mountain View he received training on the latest Geo Tools and had the opportunity to see what is on the horizon. Scott is also a tribal citizen of the Cherokee Nation and a board member of the Kansas City Cherokee Community.

Some of the Google Mapping tools Scott works with include Google Earth, Earth Engine, Fusion Tables, Open Data Kit, My Maps, Maps Engine, Tour Builder, Maps Gallery, Views, Street View, Map Maker, and Google Maps. He also provides training for a variety of technology tools and social media to help organizations do everything from develop a web presence all the way to developing platforms to share maps.